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Detail-Driven Creative Cohesion!

I’m Jake. I grew up with a camera in one hand, playing piano with the other. My creativity thrives on that handshake— and you’re in just the right place to soak in the cinematography, writing, directing, sound design, scoring, VFX and more. Fresh off graduation as the Film Production Student Marshal at Penn State with a minor in Music Technology, I’ve been blogging here for years. These breakdowns are detail-oriented and cohesive, just like my film work:

Take a Little Time
Pulling Daisies
Midnight On Canvas
Two Outta Three
Me Or That Toast
Fight of the Loom

My proudest accomplishment in college was, by far, shooting both my senior thesis film and Lilly Adams’ all within October 2020— 2 films in 27 days. If you’re wondering why… we were fully expecting COVID to shatter our hopes and dreams without a moment’s notice. If you’re wondering how… here’s a cool 7 articles on every decision in every department:

But wait! There’s client work! I’ve been fortunate enough to intern for Blue Lion Multimedia, Red Fort Productions, and the AAFPRS for several semesters each. In addition to my three years as video/comms officer for on-campus philanthropic org FOTO, this experience has sharpened my editing and animation skills, my ability to creatively adapt to client feedback, and my penchant for crafting unified branding across media forms:

AAFPRS Consumer Videos
AAFPRS 2021 Virtual Meeting
MFPS Welcome Video
Masters of Facial Plastic Surgery 2021 Virtual Meeting
AAFPRS Logo Animation
AAFPRS 2020 Virtual Meeting
Jeff Berry

At the end of the day, man, I love throwing everything I’ve got into telling engaging stories as inventively as possible. I don’t sleep until everything is perfect— that’s detail-driven creative cohesion:

REEL 2021
Building a Dolly

If you’d like to chat, brainstorm, or relive the 2019 Nationals World Series run, I agree. Let’s talk!