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AAFPRS 2021 Virtual Meeting

The 2021 AAFPRS Annual Meeting won’t take place until September, but just like their virtual conferences from Fall 2020 and Spring 2021, I’ll be handling the remotely-submitted presentation videos from Facial Plastic Surgeons around the world! I’ll update this post down the line with that work, but for now I’ve got the intro animation template to share.

Like with the previous conferences, I started with a given Photoshop design file of the upcoming meeting’s branding:

And with animating an After Effects build in mind, I modified this design in Photoshop to this point:

I wanted to spin the “poker chip” in, in 3D space like a coin spinning on a table, but the design wasn’t rounded—even beyond the bounds of the rectangles shown above, the “chip” cuts off at those flat edges. So I instead decided to use the inner, white “highlight” circle as the primary motivation and mask in the build:

The background texture was actually a very tall layer, so I scrolled it down under the entire animation to elicit a rising sensation. Once I selected music that I liked and the AAFPRS team approved of for the “Vegas” theme, I re-timed portions of the build to accentuate along in sync.

The Premiere portion of this work will very closely mirror both previous conferences I’ve done for AAFPRS, but exact timings (like the fun jump cut I have on the above demo right now, which uses an old presentation from 2020) aren’t nailed down yet. Stay tuned, and if you’re so inclined, check out the meeting for yourself!

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