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2 films in 27 days.

For the longest time as a Film Production major, I’d lead these introductions off with far too much background on my days making glorified YouTube films with cheap equipment. Although we’re talking 11 years ago now, for some of them, not even my resumes and portfolios were safe. Those projects piqued my passions, leading me to where I am and what I do today…but now let’s just talk about that!

I’m Jake. I’m from (Northern) Virginia, I’ve been at Penn State the last four years, and I’m moving to NYC in August. I do a little bit of everything, usually at once, and I don’t sleep until everything is perfect. For example:

Last semester, I shot two senior thesis films inside 27 days. One was written and directed by me—read all about it here on my site. The other wasn’t, but I still served as cinematographer, sound designer, composer, mixer, and visual effects coordinator…on both films!

The blur of double post-production just wrapped in March 2021, and now I’m able to reflect on my time in State College and all I got to create here. I brought my boxer briefs to life…for a boxing match. I designed complex studio shots, using a metronome click to marry moving plates together in space. I composed a “professioinal” film score for a feature-length student film. When COVID forced my Directing Seminar to go virtual, I busted that cheap equipment back out at home in VA and made some Cheez-Its embody anxiety.

Whether it’s been film pursuits like those, client work for internships, or promotional material for on-campus philanthropic orgs, my passion lies in storytelling: developing engaging narratives, and delivering them as creatively as possible. In pursuing that passion, I’ve been named a Bellisario College Fellow, as well as the Film Production Student Marshal for the Spring 2021 graduating class!

Changing primes out on my Take A Little Time set.

My work is detail-oriented and cohesive. With a lifelong background in music, I’ve been able to apply techniques from my Music Technology minor to my film work, enhancing the sound design of my pieces. Whether I’m handling one department on a project or several, every creative decision is made with an eye on the technical implications affecting the final product overall.

So thanks for checking out my site! Click around, make yourself at home, and reach out with any thoughts on my work. Each piece is accompanied by a comprehensive breakdown: what went right, what I’d do differently, and what it was like animating a rubber duck through a deceptively-deep 2D world. Enjoy!