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When I started making cringey YouTube videos with my friends in 4th grade (circa 2009), “building” wasn’t anywhere near the back of my mind.

But here we are. A lot happened between points A and B, but right now you’re reading this on that very site. So what’s good?

Those YouTube shenanigans evolved over the years—the plots got thicker, the cameras got nicer, the editing went longer into the night—but it was always pure fun. I decided around my junior year of high school that I might as well major in the single largest use of my time; I’m now in my senior year at Penn State as a Film-Video major.

As I’ve continued to hone my craft in State College (I upload to Vimeo now like a real film major), I’ve come to realize that my passion lies in storytelling: developing engaging narratives, and delivering them as creatively as possible. This is what drove me in 2009 as I ran around the neighborhood screaming into a camcorder; this is what drives me today as I design and execute complex studio shots in service of story.

My work is detail-oriented and cohesive. With a lifelong background in music, I’ve been able to apply techniques from my Music Technology minor to my film work, enhancing the sound design of my pieces. The opportunities and experiences I chased throughout my ongoing internship with Blue Lion Multimedia further sharpened my filmmaking chops as I headed into my busiest semester yet.

How did it go? That’s how we arrived at point B—check it out for yourself! This site is part portfolio, part blog. I write in detail about every video posted: what went right, what went wrong, and what I did about it. But I also post updates, large and small, on anything I’m up to within the industry that seems…website-worthy. There’s tags in the sidebar for your easy browsing pleasure. Feel free to reach out with your thoughts!