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This is a piece I worked on as part of my Summer 2019 internship with Blue Lion Multimedia.

On the day of the CADREcon event, Blue Lion owner Marty Shoup and I moved around the various rooms the conference was unfolding in, recording: Marty with a Sony FS7 on sticks/shoulder, and myself with a Nikon D850 on a Zhiyun motorized gimbal.

In addition to capturing highlights from the multitude of speakers presenting at the conference, I was focused on capturing useful B-roll that informed the impressive environment of the setting. I also held a shotgun mic on a boom pole above the CADRE members speaking to Marty as we shot testimonials.

At one point, I found a dark room above the main auditorium, with a window looking out above the crowd. Here, I recorded the video’s opening shot with the way I would ultimately use it in mind: as a wipe over the CADREcon logo. I keyframed the mask that this involved using After Effects.

Also in After Effects, I assembled the “world-class speakers” shot by laying each element out in 3D space, then animating the camera to revolve around them as it sinks down. The final image animation utilized After Effects, as well.

I edited the rest of the piece in Premiere, beginning by pulling usable snippets out of all the day’s footage, then sorting these into categories. Audience reactions, gimbal shots spinning around people socializing, B-roll involving the CADREcon logo, and so on. From there, it was a matter of building the sequence out in a way that flowed naturally, with the visuals and testimonial audio passing the baton back and forth as they traced a narrative that encompassed everything the conference was.

Thank you to Marty Shoup and Blue Lion Multimedia for the video usage.

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