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Jeff Berry

The gap in the opening seconds is for an external logo.

This is a piece I worked on as part of my Summer 2019 internship with Blue Lion Multimedia.

The footage was shot by Blue Lion owner Marty Shoup and myself. My footage is any B-roll that looks like it’s moving on a gimbal—that’s a Nikon D850 on a Zhiyun motorized gimbal, to be exact. I set up lighting throughout, and audio for the interview shots.

I edited this piece in Premiere. Once I pulled/arranged the interview segments that I felt flowed into each other and served the narrative asked of us by the client, it was a matter of spreading the B-roll around. Some choices were made easy by what Jeff was talking about at a given moment, but for the rest I took into consideration camera motion between neighboring shots, and the specific drinks he’s working on. This either meant piecing together a mini-sequence of one drink’s assembly, or watching to not repeat footage of the same drink twice.

Thank you to Marty Shoup and Blue Lion Multimedia for the video usage.

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