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Throughout my entire time at Penn State, I’ve been heavily involved with FOTO, a special interest org that raises money for Penn State THON in the fight against pediatric cancer. I’m going to link FOTO’s website a second time in the same paragraph because I developed it and you should totally check it out.

As FOTO’s Communications officer my sophomore year and junior year, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to apply my videography skills to furthering FOTO’s brand and incredible cause. I’ve chosen to include this piece for several reasons, the first of which being that it incorporates a wide variety of the footage I’ve shot for FOTO over the years. Not everything in here is mine—the really grainy stuff is from two videos we found on FOTO’s old YouTube channel from 2010, and I borrowed 2 DSLR shots from the incredibly talented Justin Donnelly. I did shoot 2 or 3 clips specifically for this piece, as well.

The next reason: it’s an amazing milestone. FOTO raised $1M in just over 10 years since its founding in 2009! I saw an extraordinary opportunity with this video: 10 years is long enough that all that older footage really looks like it’s from the past, but short enough that I was able to reach out to the founders themselves and get new footage from them! Former FOTO presidents from over the years also sent in videos, which are incorporated.

Finally, I recorded the moment we played the video at our weekly meeting, which served as the announcement to our members of the milestone. I then edited the original video into this new footage, providing a cool moment to share on our social media (which I handle as Comm officer):

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